A-1 Vacuum now handles the full line of the German made Sebo Vacuum.

Sebo is known for its legendary quality, reliability, and performance making SEBO the first choice of Cleaning profesionals throughout the world properly maintained SEBO Vacuums save ordinary household users by providing excellent performance for ten to fifteen years or more and their deep-cleaning power-brush technology extends the life of your                                                           carpets.

Dyson not only invented the Bagless Vacuum, they perfected it. Dyson Cinetic is the only bagless vacuum A-1 Vacuum recommends. Every other bagless depends on filters to keep the dust from spewing out. Essentially they are a bagged vacuum that the dirt goes around the "bag" instead of in it. They are maintenance intensive and short lived. Cinetec from Dyson is the first Bagless vacuum that requires no filters and is HEPA rated as well as approved by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation.

Whether you are looking for a quality vacuum for everyday use, a powerful vacuum specifically designed to remove pet hair, or a multi-purpose canister vacuum, Cirrus has a vacuum for you. Cirrus, unlike many vacuums, chooses to use metal for its critical wear items to ensure a durable and long lasting machine.

 Sanitaire has maintained its North American manufacturing facility for over 35 years allowing the company to oversee all phases of the manufacturing process for over 90% of its product line ensuring the highest quality standards are met consistently. Sanitaire is the standard of vacuum for hotel and commercial use - designed and built to last. We still service Sanitaires put into service since we first started selling them 30 years ago.


 Royal has been building outstanding vacuums since 1905. The Royal Line (one of   4 TTI companies - Royal, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Oreck) is their premium line       featuring exceptional filtration and Cleaning performance. They are among the     most durable vacuums we sell. Royal has some of the most user savvy features       available today such as dirt sensors rigid height settings (critical for "soft               carpets) and extra long cords.

Hoover is the mid-line of TTI North America. They make a wide variety of cordless, upright, stick, and hand Vacuums. Best for light to moderate use these vacuums provide a low priced alternative. A-1 Vacuum is one of Hoovers selected outlets for their factory refurb/return machines providing even greater value. Stock varies.

 Dirt Devil is the TTI North America entry level Vacuum. Dirt Devil manufactures a wide range of quick cleaning hand vacs, stick vacs, and  uprights. A-1 vacuum is a selected outlet for their factory refurbs/return  vacuums. These specialty vacuums are great for the odd job or an entry  level  vacuum. Our selection of Dirt Devils varies based on availability.

 Fuller Brush is the import division of Tacony Corp. makers of Simplicity  Vacuums. Fuller Brush bagged upright vacuums are one of the best  values in a  vacuum today. They are durably built to last through years of  reliable use. Fuller Brush Vacuums on-board tools let you reach into  every corner of your  house for the most thorough cleaning.

Effective August 1, 2018, A-1 Vacuum of Missoula will no longer be handling  SIMPLICITY products. We will continue to support all machine and warranties for machines purchased from our Store.

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